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Magnolia School of Art

Express a whole range of emotions by simply playing around with colors and lines. ​

Experience social painting with your friends in a private, relaxed and casual atmosphere with some wine and cheese. ​

No drawing skills are needed! ​

Come with family or friends, and leave with some handy new painting skills, a Monet, Van Gogh or Picasso of your own, and lot of lasting memories. ​

Pick a painting you love and we will help you create it, or let us help you find what you like. ​

We provide the canvas, paints & supplies and we will lead you from beginning to end to ensure your group has an outstanding, positive and memorable event.

Visit  Magnolia School of Art Facebook page: www.facebook.com/magnoliaartschool/

Services (promotional prices until April 30th)

Private Class

1 person
1 hour

$80 per person

Semi-Private Class

2-3 people
1 hour

$60 per person

Group Class

4-8 people
2 hours

$40 per person

Contact us at: info@gallery011.com
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