Untitled photo

Ljiljana Dosljak was born in 1947 in Yugoslavia. She completed a study of art in 1973 and for 25 years worked as an art professor. She has won many awards and accolades for her work as a teacher. Since 2002, Ljiljana has been living in Toronto. As a student of the famous professor Sergej Jovanovic, and later as an art student, she has developed her own signature niche as an artist through recognizable themes and forms in her work. These forms stem from her passion for old buildings, wood and stone. Prior to her arrival in Canada, Ljiljana spent a lot of time on an island in the Adriatic Sea, which created her love for marine landscapes, rocks, stone, olive trees and lavender. Her house is full of diverse pebbles collected at various beaches. Shells and unusual dry fruits mainly make up the motifs in her still lifes. There is also another love that is often present in her work: Paris - specifically the Latin Quarter and Montmartre. Her hometown of Sombor in northern (Yugoslavia) Serbia, is also often portrayed in her paintings as significant part of her memories.

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