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Ksenija Knezic was born in Belgrade, Serbia, the capital of the former Yugoslavia. As early as a child, she came into contact with people from the art world and since her mother was an art professor, Ksenija was always surrounded by paintings and colours. Having traveled around the world during her childhood, Ksenija came to develop a love for museums, galleries and exhibitions. She graduated with a degree in travel and tourism in Belgrade, and upon her arrival in Canada in 1994, Ksenija felt the need to express herself in the world of colour and convey her emotions in images with explosive colours and different textures. Her art is based on a rich palette of colours in abstract forms utilizing different methods of acrylic painting. In the realization of her compositions, Ksenija is seeking new ways of expression using new materials and mixing techniques.

Contact Ksenija: kdknezic@gmail.com

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